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decreased connection with clients: strategies governing declaration, Management, payment and launch all happen remotely, except while in the party of physical verification;

Management of short-term admissions of vehicles registered overseas has become wholly overhauled. Its integration into the BADR procedure has resulted in greater oversight along with easier formalities for travellers, whether or not they are Moroccan nationals residing overseas or international holidaymakers.

Les mesures mises en place pour la dématérialisation du circuit de dédouanement incluent la signature électronique des déclarations en douane ainsi que l'adoption d'une procédure conventionnelle avec les banques pour la validation des cautions bancaires by using le système informatique BADR

In the following paragraphs, the Administration points out how it is intending to use the new education infrastructures and strategies provided by the Institute to fulfil its ambitions to build Customs capacities.

Combine new systems methods into each day governance modes Combine new systems [Lire la suite]

Even though the Customs Coaching Institute follows while in the footsteps of its predecessor, the CFD, its foundation marks an important turning stage as regards each infrastructure and working approaches.

The supply of genuine-time information via the mechanisms for logging histories, alerts and electronic notifications;

The analysis is performed by means of on-line types tailor-made to each instruction class in accordance with its technical specs. The responses and feedback are analysed by all These involved, both of those operationally and as stakeholders (the Institute’s trainers and trainees).

In its day-to-day running As well as in its interactions with trainees, the Institute takes advantage of a method that allows conclude-to-stop management of training, from the enrolment of scholars into the issuing of certificates and diplomas, by using the administration of coaching programmes and programs and guidance with the logistical aspects relating to accommodation and catering.

study from knowledge: numerous Areas are already equipped out to recreate situations out in the sphere, to supply trainees the chance to practise in problems which can be as realistic as possible;

• Cette development vous permettra d'organiser vos connaissances pour faciliter et fluidifier vos procédures d'import/export.

the non-repudiation with the signed document with the signatory (by this system, difficulties regarding the usefulness of dispatch of digitally signed paperwork is often prevented);

Animation faisant appel aux méthodes actives basées sur la démonstration et l’interrogation avec mise en scenario et des cas pratiques.

The trainers and facilitators on these programmes are Customs officers who are specialists within their fields, decided on for his or her mastery of your English language.

Veuillez nous indiquer here le montant whole de la taxe que vous avez eu à payer en soumettant un nouveau ticket "Droits de Douane" avec une copie de la facture et nous vous rembourserons la somme que vous avez payé.

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